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Bamboo wooden floor or in beau

From October 21, the, anji several bamboo floor enterprises have been received from ocean the other shore of the United States of America's email, let them come prepared to cope with American multi-layer parquet "double inverse" survey of preparation. On October 23, American hardwood parity alliance simultaneously to the us international trade committee and the us department of commerce application submitted filed, calling on imported originating in China multi-layer parquet anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, requires not only for the levy 242.20% products involved as anti-dumping duties against Chinese, it also requires the docket product collecting countervailing duties, the so-called "double inverse" survey. My county three companies zuellig, day peng, was placed in the application for yaxin have mentioned.
On November 10, the us department of commerce is the American hardwood parity alliance "double inverse" investigation application has been officially put on record. 12 evening on the ministry's website on extremely way officially put on record. 13 morning, county foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau first notice filed to the enterprise result and bamboo floor was excluded from the news.
"Very lucky, bamboo floor is out, my county bamboo industry enterprises was a false alarm," county foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau of foreign trade branch deputy head of the office ZhaoXiaoGuang said the us side in filing notice amount questionnaire "involved in" special product range to describe, bamboo wooden floor and aggrandizement floor excluded from the docket outside, so my county floor products export main product "multiplayer solid bamboo compound floor" and "multi-layer bamboo parquet" been ruled out docket product scope, bamboo floor export enterprises in the following investigation don't need to do litigation-responding preparation.
According to statistics, my county bamboo parquet accounted for export more than 25% bamboo flooring, plus the solid bamboo compound floor of words, accounted for my county bamboo product export of more than 50 percent. If the "bamboo compound" and "complete bamboo compound" was listed in the docket will affect my county whole range, bamboo industry development and export. But compared to bamboo flooring, my county multi-layer parquet exports is not very big, even higher anti-dumping duties levied on my county exports will not impact.
"As much as 242.20% of anti-dumping duties will let American merchants prohibitive, so real wood floor will face 'abandoned' ending, this means that American floor demand market will seek alternatives, bamboo wooden floor product exports to the United States will usher in a new development chance." County economy and trade bureau deputy director YaoBaoHua Suggestions, anji bamboo flooring enterprise should ahead market research and production preparation, seize this opportunity, the constant development and expansion.
Meanwhile, in view of our county export a multi-storey solid mu fu joins a floor board of enterprise may choose whether to fill in the questionnaire for responding rate respectively, if involved with low tax rates, product award for responding to the enterprise may choose to continue to exports the products, expand the market share.






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