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Bamboo wooden floor maintenanc

First to maintain indoor dry humidity. Although after the dry processing bamboo flooring, reducing the size of the change, but because of its natural materials, so is bamboo, bamboo floor will also with climate change and the dry humidity some deformation; In the north of China, especially if you meet dry season open heated by different methods, consumer can adjust humidity, if use humidifier or put water in heating; etc. Southern region to rainy season, consumer should be more ventilated, maintain indoor dry; Meanwhile, in indoor use should avoid contact with plenty of water, if there is water spilt on the floor, should keep dry and clean.
Second, avoid damage to floor surface. Bamboo floor lacquer, should avoid abvance scratch, metal tool, impact, friction, etc. Prevent dust, sand content such as into the room, it could be in the door place a mat, but must keep the insole clean. Don't use nail spikes wipe scrape heavy bamboo slats surface or wear with metal nail shoes to enter the room. Can use a few fiber fabrics will rise, such furniture feet can make furniture moving up more convenient, still can make furniture no damage to the floor.







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