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Stores, shoppers lose interest

Stores, shoppers lose interest

As bamboo's green patina began to fade, retailers and consumers started to look at alternatives.

Room & Board scaled back on the amount of furniture made from bamboo, said Gene Wilson, vendor manager at the Golden Valley-based home furnishing store. It has let go of half of the bamboo furniture collections.

"We're just trying to be more local," he said. "And we can make solid furniture from American hardwoods -- cherry, maple and walnut -- at the same price or less than the price of bamboo."

In some cases, shoppers abandoned bamboo before retailers did. Lands' End found that its customers preferred specialty combed or organic Egyptian cotton. "Our customers weren't as interested in bamboo," spokesman Adam Sodersten said. The company dropped clothing, towels and sheets made of bamboo.

At Target, shoppers favored organic cotton sheets over bamboo, spokeswoman Jennifer Mooney said. It still sells towels with 25 percent rayon from bamboo online.



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