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Make low-cost products

On your website you ask the question, "How can designers make low-cost products without factories?" Have you found an answer to this yet? Is it something we could accomplish on a large scale?
I'm currently working on around 15 techniques for low-tooling, small-scale manufacturing of durable, beautiful goods with low labor inputs (and thus, makeable anywhere in the world). I'm publishing my results on, and on the Humblefactory youtube channel. One of the most promising so far is a method for making bent bamboo furniture - chairs, tables, lamps -- with a clean, modern aesthetic, and using only materials grown within my Seattle city block. These same materials - or analogs like them - are available anywhere in the world outside of the arctic.

Another project which is likely to bear some interesting fruit is a student research lab called The 100 Mile Design Challenge. The first two pilot classes are running simultaneously in Seattle and Baltimore (I'm collaborating with Inna Alesina at MICA). Students are required to develop a product that they can manufacture (make two copies of) using only materials and energy which could be sourced from within 100 miles of their city center. We have been awarded an exhibition space by ICFF, and will be exhibiting in New York in May. The initial results are pretty exciting - stay tuned.



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