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Homeowners need more green fac

A new survey shows that most people want to employ more sustainable elements to their homes during renovations in future, but the key point holding many people back is a lack of information.

Although it is common knowledge that splitting household waste up for recycling is the eco friendly thing to do, many people are stuck when it comes to what other options are best environmentally.

The findings come from a poll conducted on individuals who were using the website ‘Angie’s List?to find professional services.

Green options in flooring include cork floors and bamboo floors, which are both produced from sustainable resources.

Taking steps with eco friendly flooring is the move many consumers are looking to make when renovating homes as energy costs and the environmental impact play a bigger part in every decision.

By deciding on cork or bamboo flooring with good quality underlay energy costs can be cut while also using an environmentally friendly floor.



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