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Eco-friendly bamboo furniture

Farmed bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and generates more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Bamboo is extremely durable, will not shrink or swell and can withstand everyday use without damage and is even stronger than oak.

Bamboo is the perfect eco friendly choice. Simple to maintain, it is also a renewable source and enhances the environment. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world and unlike hardwood trees, when harvested its extensive root system ensures self renewal, so no need for replanting.

The East Coast Nursery solid bamboo furniture range is the perfect eco friendly choice for today's modern nursery. The delicate bamboo grain comes in a neutral amber tone that looks completely natural, enhancing the clean and simple lines of the cot bed and open dresser.

The cot bed with has three base heights and a single handed dropside option easily converts into a junior bed once your little one is old enough, utilising the extra bed head that is included in the price.

Complementing the cot bed is the open dresser with two storage shelves.


Author: Zhejiang XinYuan Bamboo Products Co.,Ltd.
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