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Beautiful and versatile

Eman Domboski has been selling bamboo flooring since he opened his business in Millville.

The owner of Skye Flooring, 1601 N. High St., Domboski recommends it to customers looking for durability and quality.

It's also eco-friendly, he said. It takes as many as 40 years for an oak tree to be ready to be harvested, but bamboo can be chopped down in six years.

"This results in a (product) that is about 30 percent harder than oak, so it's very durable," he said.

"What they do for that is they break the bamboo down into a pulp, put into a compressor that puts 25 tons of pressure on it," he said. "It makes the product the hardness of teak, which is one of the hardest woods on the planet."

Today, bamboo isn't one of the biggest sellers in his store, but Domboski still believes in it for practical and ecological reasons.

It's something that I always will promote," he said. "My business practice is to focus on green products."

In the mid-1990s, the first bamboo floors came up a little short as an eco-friendly floor option.




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