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Kalagram wears ethnic look

Exclusive array of tribal artifacts is being showcased by the Tribes India, a project of a Tribal Federation (TRIFED) at 3rd Chandigarh National Crafts Mela.

Enticing a large number of visitors, more than 20 different stalls are displaying wide-range traditional and cultural items of tribals including hand-made handloom, bamboo furniture, animal-bone jewellery and colourful pottery which have become a major attraction at the Kalagram.

Visitors especially women flocked to these exquisite stalls to purchase the handmade multi-dimensional tribal crafts.

An exclusive range of tribal jewellery inspired by the tribal culture of northeast is being displayed at the Mela. Bone, wood, clay, shells, crude metal are some of the common raw materials used in tribal jewellery.

The textile artisans from Assam at the village are showcasing a variety of weaves and textures, embroideries and embellishment work on variety of silk. Assam stalls have Mekhla chadar, Gomacha (tradional attire of Assam) tribal jewellary, wraparounds, jackets, shawls and water hazen baskets.

Adding to them, the magical weave of Kinnauri Shawl of Himachal Pradesh, offer treasure to choose from. Other tribal stalls have dry flowers like sunflower, water lily, wall hanging made of betel nut leaves.

Visitors can also see the variety of bamboo, jute and cane items, handloom bags, jute jewellery, cane bags, dry flowers, shawls, dry flowers of natural jungle plants, sunflower, peepal leaf, bubber seed, cane leaf, dry wheat, pine seed, net flower, maize flower, pine flower, lily, sola flower, lichu seed etc.

National awardee Mohammad Yakub has a good variety of herbal soaps for all skins. Whereas Adivasi artisan Rajinder Kumar from Madhya Pradesh has put up a stall with another attraction-Angora wool shawls, which are obtained from Angora rabbit of German breed locally reared. The wool is very warm and soft, resulting in high demand for Angora shawls in Crafts Mela.

Miniature paintings from Rajasthan have been acknowledged as piece of art associated strongly with historical art and its related era. The beautiful paintings made from real gold with a squirrel hair strand are another attraction at the Crafts Mela this time.

Longpi pottery, stone pottery at the North Eastern section of stalls is also thronged by the visitors. The tribal items in the form of mugs, coffee mugs, sugar bowls, kettle, bowl etc are available here.

The black pottery constitutes a mixture of 75 per cent serpentine and 25 per cent weather rock, which is used as a binding agent. These items have good medicinal value as their usage also helps in digestion and helpful for diabetic patients in controlling sugar.

The wholesome buying and entertainment experience at the Crafts Mela is leaving a good impression on the visitors attracting residents and visitors to return again to the Mela where 400 folk performers are performing throughout the day, even as visitors shop at the stalls set up by national and State awardees.



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