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The old ChangTingXian four are

    "The life now than in the past and, good ten thousand times!" Recently, the reporter comes to fujian boundary of jiangxi revolutionary basis points ChangTingXian four are town village-red boxes bluegrass yuan urban village back at the age of 75, the senior party member, old party ChengFa far excited to say to the reporter.

    The old man a used to live in more than bamboo furniture 500 metres above sea level hillside, no electricity, didn't also the cement road. Though more than 100 mu family mountain forest, but because the traffic block, the bamboo, trees sell a good price.

    In 2000, in benefit engineering support, the old man a move to the hill, live in capacious and bright two layer buildings. In 2004, the town in the village of Lao to red road to hardening; In 2006, the village to shocks of the road is sclerosis yuan back....... The road is money, "in the past, a piece of bamboo can only sell four or five yuan, now can sell 20 yuan." That a, a year 40000 multivariate.

    ChengFa far old life of change, is red the portrayal of changes in the village enterprise, is also four are the epitome of old appearance changed new colour.

    Four is the famous old revolutionary base areas, bamboo kitchen when GongSiJun fujian inbound first stop, also is an important part of the central Soviet area, known as the "the red army's hometown, red land, red flag is not town. The whole town has 17 provinces for revolution basis points village, accounting for half of the total number of ChangTingXian.

    Nearly five years, four has realized spanning development, the happiness index promotion: last year, the whole town complete social total output value 426 million yuan, 2.7 million yuan of fiscal revenue, respectively, a 66.1% increase over 2005, 71.8%; The per capita net income of 5990 yuan, a 62.8% increase over 2005.

    Four are remote, no location advantage, basic conditions generally, how to realize leaping?

    The resource advantage for development advantage to the client for means, and promote the agricultural production the farmers' income.

    Four mountain forest resources are rich, bamboo flooring the past be a world of transportation and infrastructure, the crowd kept a poor day was full of castle peak. To change the status quo, four people are mainly to do three things: open up bamboo area highway, connecting the bamboo reinstated channel; Implementation of the biochemical tests of bamboo, bamboo forest area from 2005 in 56000 to 76000 acres of expanding now acre; The first founded bamboo industry park, the introduction of branches in seven enterprises, drive around nearly 20 to enterprise development bamboo products processing.




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