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Bamboo industry development

      "Now as long as to industry and commerce bureau can at home first rough machining, good!" December 2,, live in fujian province ZhengHeXian iron, the bamboo farmers LiXiaoLiang high lam tsuen, early in the morning to go to ZhengHeXian industrial and commercial bureau suburban xiang is cast. bamboo furniture Can take off the "HeiHu" hat at ease production, be angered joy in the county and township of bamboo farmer ridge waist.
Located in the border of the ZhengHeXian well bamboo resource is rich, bamboo forest area of 460000 mu, the bamboo volume of 50 million plants. Iron, waist, ridge in politics and bamboo product is high processing, bamboo farmer family small mill mostly poor conditions, with gandour is given priority to, due to lead for examination and approval, the local bamboo industry development severely limited.

      "License restricts the problem the bamboo industry development, industry and Commerce Department must be combined with the actual politics and innovating service pattern, and help bamboo industry development." ZhengHeXian industrial and commercial bureau chief linfei said. Since this year, the bureau of rural small pieces of bamboo processing workshop after the record, bamboo kitchen and lead them to join in the farmers' professional co-operatives, allow partial bamboo farmer in industry and Commerce Department, rough machining production at home. Encouraged by policy, waist township to do only ridge home to more than 80 bamboo production processing factory, make bamboo farmer average household income 3000 yuan to 8000 yuan.

      Biggest production and didn't let the bamboo industry and commerce cadre complacency. They know that only extended industry chain, improve the bamboo added value, can let bamboo farmers to maximize the benefits. So, they remind, afterwards tracking, supporting service measures such as one-on-one immediately launched, industry and commerce personnel to strengthen administrative guidance, and guide bamboo products production and processing enterprises carry upgrade file. Since this year, have two households individual and industrial and commercial door upgrade for enterprise. In industry and Commerce Department, under the guidance of bamboo shoots in processing as friends and fujian canned food Co., LTD. Deal with the county's first equity pledge registration, smooth financing 3.5 million yuan.

      January to November, in 9 million bamboo flooring ZhengHeXian bamboo root, bamboo production up to 715 million yuan, the county scale above with more than 200 bamboo enterprise, the product of a single chopstick development from the past to the present bamboo tableware, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo tea lamps furniture, supplies and bamboo charcoal with technology, more than 1200 kinds of daily use and so on, have registered trademark of bamboo products, 66 pieces of the registered trademark of the total effective number of 24.78%.





Author:Anji hin far bamboo products Co., LTD Website: Main Product:bamboo furniture ,bamboo kitchen ,bamboo flooring

Author:Anji hin far bamboo products Co., LTD
Main Product:bamboo furniture ,bamboo kitchen ,bamboo flooring

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