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      A few days ago, the first China zhejiang PengGong bamboo products trade fair official start. According to information, the expo, for three days, from all parts of the country's 340 bamboo products manufacturing enterprises and dealers, large retail chain enterprises exhibitors, more than 300 kinds of bamboo daily necessities, household items, handicraft and grass TengMu products and other products are publishing, display, promotion, the order.

      Zhejiang PengGong bamboo product market is located in yuhang district bottles of kiln town, built along the national highway 104, whose predecessor is located in the PengGong village and the street market ridge.bamboo furniture   In recent years, with "low carbon, environmental protection" demand, bamboo products production and marketing two flourishing, the original market can't meet the needs of the development of the bamboo industry fast. In 2008, the district government through the investment promotion and capital introduction yuhang way, newly built now this set sales, the logistics, warehousing, business in a modern large bamboo industry trading platform.

      The new market issue in November of 2009, officially opened, so far, has signed with clients all over the market 320 million yuan purchasing agreement. According to introducing, the new market three phase of construction, which is expected to finish all construction in 2012, bamboo kitchen  when the market turnover will more than RMB 7 billion, will become the nation's largest bamboo industry park and the world's largest bamboo production center.

      The zhejiang PengGong bamboo products trade fair is one of the series of activities hangzhou west lake expo, set up bamboo products, grass products, cany goods and arts and crafts exhibition area four major categories, bamboo flooring covers daily household, building materials, furniture, local products and so on several big department class. In the first, apart from shandong, liaoning as all over the country the wholesalers, but from hangzhou city yuhang, local and dongyang, shaoxing, etc in the retail customers choose and buy.








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