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Development opportunities of t

    First of all, the state vigorously support the development of bamboo industry. Energy saving and environmental protection as an international bamboo flooring consensus for countries to present our government on the implementation of low carbon environmental protection is sparing no effort, and write it down in the 12th Five-Year Plan. China's bamboo resources is rich in many varieties, and will undoubtedly become a very promising development projects launched to support the policy of the bamboo industry in many places. In support of these policies, the bamboo industry will inevitably be a significant development. As a bamboo kitchen bamboo flooring bamboo industry has also been favorable conditions for development.

    Second, the development of bamboo home support facilities. During the investigation, reporters found that some consumers do not choose one of the reasons of the bamboo flooring, if the home shop bamboo flooring and other wooden home is too abrupt, there is no supporting facilities. The bamboo Bo bamboo home bamboo furniture "just to solve this problem. When the floor to match other household production also began production of bamboo products, "all bamboo home or become a new fashion.

    Again, the consumer awareness of bamboo flooring has changed. Previously, many consumers understanding of the bamboo flooring there are errors. Such as bamboo flooring is easily deformed, vermin, etc.. This understanding of the immaturity of the bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring an obstacle to development. But recently, due to the attention of local governments on the development of bamboo industry, increase on the propaganda, this understanding of the errors has been improved characteristics of the bamboo flooring green recognized.

    Finally, the return of traditional Chinese culture. In recent years, traditional Chinese culture presents a very strong trend of regression to a variety of Learning Craze from the "Lecture Room", and constantly in the human heart the call of the traditional humanistic feelings. "Long into the orchid room not smell its fragrance, long-term contact and bamboo products, in addition to low-carbon environmental protection can also be subject to the influence of the bamboo" gentleman ", why not?




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